About US

2D Tech (Private) Limited provide a broad range of high-quality engineering solutions. 2D Tech covers the multi-dimensional integration of electro-mechanical systems through engineering approach. We are an innovative and value-driven company with high-quality engineering, technology management and training services. We believe in moving forward by interacting with our customers and carrying out extensive R&D and to remain up to date with modern-day needs and requirements. It provides turnkey solutions for military and industrial problems and supplements it with a wide range of its training and system development tools. Our team has more than 30 years experience of the following domains:

• Electro-Mechanical control systems
• Electromedical Equipment
• Vehicle diagnostics tools using OBD
• Prime Movers and Trailer Systems Integration
• Re-engineering of axles
• Hydraulics systems of Earth Moving machinery
• Precise Position Location and Identification Systems
• Rolling stock Test systems


  1. Electromechanical Systems
  2. Field Deployable Systems Design Structures and Upgrade
  3. Large Electromechanical Systems Design and Integration Support

Industrial Automation

  1. Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) with Reconfigurable Hardware
  2. Asset Management Regimes Consultancy
  3. Process Modeling and Optimization

Test & Measurement and Educational Equipment

  1. Control and Robotics
  2. Signal Processing
  3. Image Processing
  4. Digital/Industrial Electronics

We also provide high end educational and research platforms that use graphical
programming approach.